The goal of the Museum of Public Art is to revitalize the image of OSBR by producing art that celebrates the history and spirit of the community. We strive to produce public art for engagement, inspiration, and community development for Old South Baton Rouge.

Old South Baton Rouge statistics indicate that over 47 percent of the property in the community is derelict and 22 percent of the young men in the community are unemployed.

The objective of the MURAL HOME PROGRAM is offer 20 of our unemployed youth an opportunity to assist 10 internationally recognized public artists in painting 10 derelict houses in the Old South Baton Rouge Community over a period of six months, transforming the property and the youth in the process.

The Museum of Public Art, together with volunteer community members, have already completed five houses.  We welcome organizations to partner with us as we continue to engage our youth, uplift the spirit of our community, and produce significant works of art.

The Museum of Public Art has a history of bringing the best international aerosol artists to paint murals in the Old South Baton Rouge Community. We have also been fortunate to work exclusively with the Office of the Mayor and the Summer Youth Employment Program, producing over 18 murals, with 8 artists and 120 young people this summer.

We are committed to the OSBR community and committed to continue our mission of transforming derelict property into works of art. We seek to give OSBR and its residents a sense of purpose and pride while at the same time engaging our youth and offering skills which will help them move forward in life while contributing positively to the community.

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